Jormita Oy


Jormita Oy is located in Kaarina, close to Turku. Jormita is established in 1992 and is specialized in calibration of instruments used for measuring of ventilation, temperature and relative humidity etc. Our methods are suitable for calibration of instruments of most brands. The calibration is based on references, which are traceable to national or international measurement standards. We work according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and follow EA4/02 M: 2021 principles for calculation of measurement uncertainties. 


Our laboratory K058 is FINAS accredited for

  • Air velocity
  • Differential pressure
  • Pressure and vacuum
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity of air

Jormita has a wind tunnel, only available in few calibration laboratories, that fulfills international requirements. We have high standard equipment and reference instruments for calibration of pressure, temperature and relative humidity. In addition we do traceable calibration of balometers, surface thickness meters, conductivity meters, CO2 and CO meters and sound level meters. We keep our calibration system up to date by regular calibration of our reference instruments. Our calibration certificate is traceable to national or international measurement standards.

Jormita Oy regularly takes part in inter laboratory comparisons, organized by VTT MIKES or their international counterparts. These comparisons are very important to verify our capability compared to other laboratories. They are also a part of our continuous development process, to ensure our capability meets future requirements.

The founders of Jormita Oy, started at control instruments division of Wallac Oy, working at service and product development. The division was later formed as Alnor Oy, a leading manufacturer of HEVAC and temperature measuring instruments. When Alnor Oy was later sold to USA, we established Jormita Oy to continue service and calibration of measuring instruments in Finland. 

Jormita Oy’s Managing Director today is one of the founders, Olli Ruonti. 

Lotta Ekebom, with an MSc in Engineering, joined the company 2017 as Quality Manager. She has already since 2012 worked part time for the company being responsible for business development and the accreditation process.  




Our fast and flexible service includes 

  • Functionality test of the instrument
  • Service and adjustment if needed
  • A calibration certificate with measurement uncertainty and traceability to national or international measurement standards 
  • Archiving of calibration info in our data base
  • Calibration label on the instrument


We use high standard equipment and references


We are experts in our field and work according to international standards


We calibrate a large variety of instruments from nearly all brands


We perform calibration the same working day, when needed!