Calibration Services


Accredited calibration of air velocity meters 

  • Anemometers
  • Hot-wire anemometers
  • Vane-anemometers
  • Pitot-tubes

Jormita Oy is the only calibration laboratory in Finland that can offer accredited calibration of air velocity instruments. We have a wind tunnel that meets international standards and our calibration method is very reliable for hot-wire anemometers, vane anemometers and all pitot tube types. Our scope of accreditation is 0,10 m/s – 25,0 m/s.


Accredited calibration of differential pressure meters

  • Micromanometers
  • Differential pressure transmitters
  • Differential pressure gauges

Our pressure reference is a Swiss made Schiltknecht projection manometer, which has outstanding linearity and long term stability, making it an excellent reference for calibration of small pressures. Our scope of accreditation is 10…10000 Pa and -10000…-10 Pa.


Accredited calibration of thermometers and –loggers with

  • Immersion probes
  • Thermocouple probes
  • Surface probes
  • Air temperature probes

Accredited calibration of of temperature probes

  • Platinum resistance probes
  • Thermocouples
  • Temperature probes with transmitters

Accredited calibration of liquid in glass thermometers

Our scope of accreditation is -20 – +500 °C. For immersion probes, glass thermometers etc. we have a  high quality liquid temperature bath between -20,000 – +150,000°C, an oil bath between +70,000 – + 230,000 °C and dry wells between -20,00 °C – +500,00 °C. For air and surface probes we do a single point comparison calibration at room temperature. Submersible air and surface probes can also be calibrated in the temperature bath.

Traceable not accredited calibration of IR thermometers

We calibrate also IR-thermometers in an adjustable black body. Our calibration reference is Beamex MC2-MF calibrator, against which we calibrate instruments. Our calibration range is-20,0 – +85,0°C


Accredited calibration of instruments for relative humidity of air

  • Air humidity meters
  • Air humidity probes
  • Dew point meters with RH and Ta
  • Humidity transmitters
  • Humidity loggers

For calibration of air humidity meters and probes we use either saturated salt solution or our humidity chamber, comparing results with our reference instrument. Our scope of accreditation is 10 -80 %RH. Dew point meters and humidity loggers and transmitters are always calibrated in the humidity chamber between 25 – 80 %RH. Standard calibration point for our LiCl salt is 11 %RH at room temperature.

Accredited calibration of

  • Pressure and vacuum gauges
  • Pressure and vacuum transmitters
  • Pressure and vacuum calibrators

We have both manual and electric pressure/vacuum pumps for calibration of pressure and vacuum gauges and transmitters. Our calibration reference is Beamex MC2-MF calibrator, against which we calibrate instruments. Our calibration range is -100 – 2000 kPa (-1 – 20 bar). In the area of -1 to 2 bar we also use the more accurate Beamex external pressure module EXT2C.

Traceable calibration of air flow meters

  • Balometers
  • Mini hoods
  • Leakage testing equipment

Our wind tunnel for air flow is very stable for calibration of flow instruments. Standard calibration is performed at exhaust side but can on request also be performed at supply side. Standard calibration points are between 3.0 and 200 l/s.


Traceable calibration of conductivity meters 

Conductivity meters are calibrated by comparing device readout when immersed in a 0-solution as well as standard solutions (84 µS, 147 µS, 1413 µS and 12880 µS +25 °C) at room temperature. The solutions are NIST-traceable.


Traceable calibration of CO2 and CO meters 

Carbon dioxide meters are calibrated in a gas chamber at room temperature by comparing device reading against certified 500, 1000 and 3000 ppm calibration gases. For calibration of Carbon monoxide, we use 0 (Nitrogen gas) and 250 ppm calibration gases.


Traceable calibration of sound level meters 

Sound level meters are calibrated by comparing device reading with a sound level calibrator, producing sound levels at 94 and 114 dB. The sound level calibrator is calibrated by an accredited laboratory.


Traceable calibrations of

  • Multimeters
  • Temperature calibrators
  • Loop calibrators

In our calibration station we can calibrate following quantities: DC current and voltage, AC current and voltage, resistance, frequency and capacitance.


Instrument service and field calibration

We check and service various types of measuring devices. When needed and separately agreed, and when the device is adjustable, we perform adjustment of device reading to minimize inaccuracy.

Our specialty is measuring devices used for HEVAC and temperature measurements. 

Should third party services be needed, e.g. device manufacturer, you get everything through us! 

  • We evaluate service & repair alternatives
  • We make quotations
  • We deliver the device back to you checked and calibrated

We can also assist you with choosing the most suitable measuring methods and instruments for your application as a well as analyse sources of error. If requested, we can perform field calibration at the customer’s site, subject to availability.


We use high standard equipment and references


We are experts in our field and work according to international standards


We calibrate a large variety of instruments from nearly all brands


We perform calibration the same working day, when needed!